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2 hours total

Starting at $950


Small Group

Up to 6 People

on 2 Sailboats w/licensed captains

From $950


Medium Group

7-20 People

2 sailboats with licensed captains, plus our spectator boat.

From $1650

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Large Group

Over 20 people

Add on more sailboats, spectator boats or both.

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Why Sailing Battles?

Fast-Paced and Fun

  • Escape the office and share an experience that your team won't forget

  • Learn by playing in an environment that's low stakes, encouraging people to take calculated risks

Build Communication

  • Constant communication between all team members will be needed to execute their strategy

  • Coordinate to maximize potential


  • With multiple roles to fill, everyone gets the chance to focus on their strengths or try something new

  • Make decisions in real time -each battle is different and the same strategy might not work twice

Build Camaraderie

  • Teams will work together to strategize on how to score the most points

  • Cheer on your colleagues from the spectator boat

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1341 N Northlake Way Seattle, WA 98019


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