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  • What are Sailing Battles?
    Sailing battles are a cross between dodgeball and sailing – throw Nerf missiles to score points against rival boats. An exciting way to learn sailing and improve your skills!
  • What are the rules of Sailing Battles?
    The rules are simple, and are easily demonstrated in the diagram below.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    If you need to cancel a private battle, please let us know as soon as possible. We can reschedule or give credit for a future battle with advanced notice; any cancellation within 48 hours of battle will incur a 10% rescheduling fee. No cash refunds will be given for guest-initiated cancellations.
  • Who can participate?
    Everyone! We focus on bringing the world of sailing to beginners and experts alike. Each boat has several roles typically with 3-5 people per boat: Skipper: Drives the boat and helps the team with navigation & strategy Trimmer: adjust the power (sails) of the boat and helps team tempo & speed Spotter: keeps track of boats, missiles, and score & helps the team with situational awareness. Gunner: fires & retrieves the missiles & helps team with strategy Not sure where you fit in? Take our personality quiz below to see which position is best for you! If you don’t know how to sail or want guidance, we have professional battle skippers who are USCG captains to teach you the ropes. Spectator boat(s): We have additional boats on the water to watch and cheer the battles on.
  • What if it rains?
    We battle rain or shine! If it's wet outside bring a jacket and prepare for adventure. There may be times where it's unsafe to be out on the water, and we in those cases we're happy to reschedule you for a safer outing.
  • What should I/we wear?
    Comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes as you'll be moving around the boat. Layers work well on the water as temperatures can vary depending on the wind and sun.
  • How long will we be on the water?
    For private battles, your event lasts for 2 hours, including breaking up into teams and going over the basic rules and roles, as well as a brief recap after the battle. On-the-water time is typically about 1.5 hours. Battle time for each individual depends on the size of the group, but everyone gets two battles. For leagues, your individual time battling depends on how many people participate that day....HOW LONG ARE LEAGUE BATTLES OVERALL, 2 HOURS?
  • Is there a waiver we need to sign?
    Yes! Please fill out the Waiver before arriving for a seamless adventure!
  • What should we expect during our sailing battle?
    When you arrive, your group will be welcomed by our battle leader and captains. We'll go over the basics of the game and break up into teams. Once on the boats, the captains will go over some basic safety and sailing, and the battles begin. 6 or fewer people - You will battle twice, then have the opportunity to switch up teams if you'd like. Player swaps will be conducted by the battle leader. 7-20 people - Two teams will start on the sailboats, and the other teams will start on the spectator boat. Between each battle, one of the sailboats will swap with a team on the spectator boat until every team has battled twice. The length of each individual battle will depend on the number of teams/active players. Over 20 people - There are multiple ways we can add on boats, so gameplay will depend on total number of people as well as what boats are available. Please send us a request and we'll be happy to make it work!
  • What makes Sailing Battles a great teambuilding or group event?
    Please see our Teambuilding Page for more information on why you should choose Sailing Battles for your next teambuilding event. For all groups we provide a fun, safe way to get on the water and come together and have a bonding experience. Not to mention, you'll also learn a little bit about sailing! Afterward we break down the teams that scored the most points so that you can claim bragging rights among colleagues and friends.
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